WE ACCEPT MEDICAID (No charge for qualifying patients)

Routine Dental Screening & Cleaning

Includes: plaque and tartar removal, brushing and flossing, polishing plus cavity prevention fluoride treatment every 3-4 months.*

We routinely screen for: Gum disease, visual cavities, oral cancer/suspicious sores, dental infection, ill-fitting dentures/partials.

Comprehensive Dental Screening & Cleaning

Includes everything above, plus extensive data collection, oral health profile and more in-depth screening.

This is done at the initial appointment with new patients and yearly thereafter (or if doing cleanings only once every 6-8 months).*

X-rays additional if needed, using portable equipment.


* Findings: We report our findings to the power of attorney (POA) and make appropriate recommendations. We make referrals to the dentist for treatment, when appropriate.

For our patients who don’t have natural teeth and have dentures, we recommend having those dentures checked for proper fit, and cleaned at a discounted rate at least once a year. At that appointment we will also check for oral cancer/suspicious sores. Oral cancer screening is recommended at least once a year.